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Teodora Bisenic
 a.k.a. Doja
Native Serbian (RS) speaker in Belgrade, Serbia
"Helping people understand each other"
Specializing in
Medical records and histories Pharmaceutical products Drug labels and advisories Medical devices Press releases
Translation tools I use:
SmartCAT Wordfast MateCAT Memsource MemoQ OmegaT Subtitle Edit Subtitle Workshop
About Me

This is how I manage terminology consistency in my area of expertise

This is how I continue my learning in my area of expertise

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Language Medical & Pharma Sciences Marketing & Advertising
ENGLISH > SERBIAN (RS)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
GREEK > SERBIAN (RS)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
SPANISH > SERBIAN (RS)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
SERBIAN > ENGLISH (US)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
SERBIAN > ENGLISH (GB)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
GREEK > ENGLISH (US)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
GREEK > ENGLISH (GB)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
SPANISH > ENGLISH (US)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
SPANISH > ENGLISH (GB)€0.13per word€0.13per word€0.12per word
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University of Belgrade
M.A. in Modern Languages - Greek and English
B.A. in Modern Languages - Greek and English
Course34 hrs
Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students
University of Pittsburgh - Pitt Online
Course36 hrs
Advanced Literature Searching in the Health Sciences
University of Michigan - Michigan Online
Course5 hrs
Translating Basic Research into Research for Humans
University of Michigan - Michigan Online
Course6 hrs
Translating Research to Patients
University of Michigan - Michigan Online
Course13 hrs
Introduction to Translational Science
University of Michigan - Michigan Online
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