It's a me, Zingword crew!

About us

Why did we start Zingword?

It was somewhere in Borneo when we began to see the problem taking shape: Professional translators were hard to find, and the translation technology was difficult to use for anyone who wasn’t an expert. This made it hard for end-clients to work directly with translators, and also difficult for top quality agencies to recruit translators.

Together with that was our own mixed-bag experience with marketplaces on both the client and freelancer sides. Having seen personally the ups and downs of marketplaces, we set out to do something new.

Since we began, we have discovered new problems to solve, some of them tiny and some them very large. With each new challenge, we try to come up with new and innovative solutions—the sum total of these innovations is your experience. Zingword does a few very important things related to translator staffing, and it does them exceedingly well.

Where are we going?

Zingword has more missions to complete! Besides creating new and innovative ways for translators to showcase their skills, we will continue to hone our staffing algorithms that match translators with customers, as well as the tools that help those customers and translators work together in the long-term.

Our goal is to make Zingword a place where clients and translators are 99% great, which is a huge challenge. As we move along, we'll be improving our verification and selection process for translators, as well as implementing stricter control over the clients who make searches on the platform. We are launching with validation and identity verification, but we are aware that we need to improve in this area, which is costly.

Another important part of the Zingword mission is connecting Zingword to other systems. Great clients should be able to work with translators directly from their TMS system or from a CMS like Wordpress. As we go along, we'll be connecting Zing to those systems to bring translators more opportunities.

Who's behind it all?

Zingword was founded in 2015 by Robert, Korana, and Juraj. Working in their spare time and developing new skills constantly, they built the world's premier translator staffing platform.

Robert is the co-founder and CEO of Zingword. Previously, he owned a boutique agency and ran marketing for Wordbee S.A. In Zingword, he helps with product design, writes copy, manages finances, and more. He wrote this text. He can't wait to hire more people. :P
Juraj is the co-founder and CTO of Zingword. In Zingword, he is responsible for the intrepid code that runs Zingword. If something doesn't work - blame him!
Korana is the co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Zingword. She’s a graphic designer and illustrator who went rogue into UX. She designs your User Experience, creates illustrations, and helps plan and manage the product.
Julija is Zingword's Chief Content Officer. She also lives a dual life in subtitling, poetry, and other creative outlets. In Zingword, she is responsible for the blog, social media channels, writing copy, the newsletter, and more.
Neven is Zingword's CSS/HTML programmer and Jr. React Developer. He takes our user experience designs and builds them into what you see on the site. He is also the reason why Zingword is wonderful on your mobile phone.

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