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Elena Morandini
 a.k.a. Elena
Native Italian (IT) speaker in Torrevieja, Spain
"Your words died for lack of context..."
Specializing in
Legal contracts Terms and conditions Romance literature Medical records and histories Pharmaceutical products
Translation tools I use:
SmartCAT SDL MultiTerm OmegaT MateCAT Aegisub
About Me

This is how I solved a recent terminology, style, or linguistic challenge

My professional methodology for a standard translation project is

This is how I continue my learning in my area of expertise

I refuse to work with clients who

This is how I solved a recent recent technical challenge on a translation project

This is what motivates me to do my best work

These are the pressures I enjoy and do not enjoy in my work

This is how I solved a recent communication challenge with a client

This is how I manage terminology consistency in my area of expertise

I am excited about these new developments with the translation technology I use

As a writer in my native language, this is how I would describe my style

When clients request literal translations, this is how I handle the situation

This is how I would describe my work style

My modus operandi for communicating with clients is

This is how a client recently inspired me

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Language Legal Literary & Creative Medical & Pharma
ITALIAN > SPANISH (ES)€0.09per word€0.09per word€0.09per word
ENGLISH > SPANISH (ES)€0.09per word€0.09per word€0.09per word
ENGLISH > ITALIAN (IT)€0.09per word€0.09per word€0.09per word
SPANISH > ITALIAN (IT)€0.09per word€0.09per word€0.09per word
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University of Udine
BA degree in English and Spanish Literature
Universidad de Alicante
Master's degree in English and Spanish for specific purposes
Conference2020.6 hrs
ILLA 3rd Focus Conference on Forensic Linguistics
ILLA and University of Alicante
Webinar10/2021.2 hrs
Redaccion científica creando la cultura de la evidencia
Course05/2021.150 hrs
Data Mining with Weka
University of Waikato
Course10/2021.12 hrs
Estudios Avanzados de Humor y Género
University of Alicante
Course08/2021.12 hrs
Shakespeare'S Language: Revealing Meanings And Exploring Myths
University of Lancaster
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