Let's get technical

If you love working on spec sheets, patents, articles and similar texts, technical translation jobs wait for you right here. All it takes is a sign-up.

And where do these technical translation jobs come from?

Direct clients!

We connect translators with clients offering technical translation jobs.

We market your services directly to clients who need quality technical translations. These texts take skill, and we've got a way for you to show them.

Cool profiles.

The best way to land a job in technical translation? Expertise.

Show your experience in a sleek profile you can fill with references from previous technical jobs, education and any achievement that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Your prices.

Technical translation jobs well done deserve appropriate compensation.

With Zingword, your prices are your own. We're not much into bargaining in professional settings and we truly believe technical translators should be paid fairly.

But, wait. There's more

Zingword doesn't just feature jobs in technical translation.

We connect direct clients with translators specializing in:

And - it's free.

Finding jobs in technical translation on Zingword won't cost you a dime.

Sign up, create a profile, get references and get going. Zingword promotes your technical translation services with sleek, user friendly design, completely for free.

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