Freedom in freelancing

Want to work from the comfort of wherever you choose? Market your services directly to clients offering remote translation jobs today.

How do I get remote jobs in translation?

It's easy.

Remote translation jobs are just a sign-up away.

  • We bring remote translation jobs directly from clients to translators, and it's completely free of charge.
  • Show your skills to prospective clients in a sleek profile filled with your favorite successes.
  • Whatever you specialize in, clients need it. We're here to help you get in touch.
  • You set your own prices. Quality translation deserves quality pay, and there are no two ways about it.

Get awesome jobs.

Target remote jobs in translation that you want the most.

Create a profile that reflects the kind of remote translation jobs you like to do. Choose from different subject matters and languages to find the perfect fit.

Set your own prices.

Getting remote translation jobs shouldn't require undercutting your rates.

The race to the bottom shouldn't be a thing. Remote translators on Zingword get to set their own prices and manage their own projects.

Choose your niche.

Take your pick of remote translation jobs.

Many types of translation can be done remotely, including, but not limited to:

Whatever your specialization, there's a client out there who needs it.

Network remotely.

Create lasting relationship with clients looking for quality translation jobs.

Even if you're working remotely, it's great to have professional relationships with the clients you vibe with the most. Zingword helps you stay in touch.

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