The translator's journey

...doesn't have to be an Odyssey. Zingword brings literary translation jobs to professional word wielders and rhyme riders ready to tackle the most challenging of works.

How does one prove their prowess in literary translation?

Ready for the challenge?

Literary translation jobs come to those who fit the task.

  • To prove you're the hero of literary translation jobs you'll need to create a profile.

  • Fill it out with tales of your previous adventures in literary translation, as well as your education.

  • State your price - literary translators possess valuable skills, and their rates should not be undercut.

  • Acquire references from clients you've previously impressed, to stand out even more.

  • Stay in touch with the wordsmiths and publishers you loved to work with to ensure future collaboration.

Create a profile.

Show prospective clients why you're the literary translator for the job.

Zingword's profiles are informative, visually appealing and help translators stand out. To land the perfect job, tell prospects of the literary lands you've conquered in your work and the types of literature you like to tackle the most.

State your price.

You deserve to be paid fairly for the literary translation jobs you do.

With Zingword, you won't have to race to the bottom. Literary translators working in our seas get to set their own rates and stick to them with no need to haggle. After all, you deserve a just reward for your efforts.

Acquire references.

Already done some stellar work in literary translation?

Let your clients speak on your expertise. A job well done deserves some praise, and it helps those who come offering new jobs recognize that you're a specialist in the type of literature they need translated.

Versed in more subject matters?

Literary translation jobs aren't the only ones on offer at Zingword:

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