Language of law and order

If you specialize in both linguistic and legal matters, this is the place to be. Zingword brings legal translation jobs directly to you - because expert subjects call for expert handling.

Let's begin at the beginning.

  • Before we can market your services for legal translation jobs to direct clients, you’ve got to sign up. It's free, and always will be.

  • Legal translations are not a piece of cake. Create a profile to show prospective clients that you've mastered the language of legal matters.

  • To prove that your skills are worth the hire, gather references from previous clients and display them in your profile.

  • Set your rates to fit your expertise level. Zingword discourages haggling in professional circles - as a pro, you know your worth.

Why do I need a profile?

Clients using Zingword to find legal translators know that a true expert is well worth the search. Your profile shows your background, previous experience and types of documents you specialize in, so you only get the jobs you really want to work on.

How can I stand out?

We strongly believe legal translation professionals get total bragging rights for their work. You can show your expertise right there on your profile with references from previous clients who loved to collaborate with you.

How do I protect my identity?

Scammers are not above the law, and there's no place for them in Zingword. We provide legal translators with free ID verification before they get involved, so we know all legal translation jobs go to those who will handle them responsibly.

What about other subject matters?

We also bring projects to:

Whatever you specialize in, we're here to help you get the projects that perfectly match your interests.

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