Looking for cool projects?

What if we said you could find translation jobs you actually want? In fact, with Zingword, translation jobs find you. Want to know more?

What do you mean, translation jobs find me? They can do that?

Hell yeah!

No need to find translation jobs on your own anymore.

  • Zingword helps you find translation jobs by bringing the market to you.

  • We've found a way for you to promote your services in a sleek, detailed and customized way.

  • All you need to do is sign up and create a profile that shows what you're all about.

  • Since we're all about quality, bargaining is out of the equation - your prices are your prices, and will stay that way.

  • Still not sure what this means exactly? Read on to see how jobs find translators.

First off, translators pay nada.

Zingword is free for translators who want to find cool jobs.

Yep, you read that right! No charges involved - finding jobs with Zingword is free, easy and simple as pie for professional translators.

What's the first step?

You'll need a cool profile to find translation jobs that fit your expertise.

Zingword's online CV helps set you up for success in the field of your choice. Choose the subject matter you specialize in, fill out your background and previous experience, and clients offering the perfect translation jobs will find you in no time.

But, there's competition...

Sure is, but your old translation jobs can help you find new ones.

Your profile can include references from clients you've already worked with to help you stand out from the crowd. That will make it easier for job-offering clients to find you - and they'll think you're pretty neat as well.

Are you sure there's no bargaining?

Yup. Finding translation jobs shouldn't require haggling.

Our goal is to help professional translators land some really great jobs without undercutting their rates. Your prices should reflect the actual work you put into the translation jobs that find their way to you, and we trust that you know your worth.

Let's do this!

Awesome! Already know what kind of translation jobs you want to find?

  • Any type of translation - Don't want to choose? Don't worry, there's a whole sea of work out there.
  • Medical translation - Devices, pharmaceutical labels, procedures, papers, textbooks... The list goes on.
  • Legal translation - Verdicts, documents, proceedings transcripts, contracts, and more.
  • Literary translation - Poetry, fiction, essays, biographies... Literature by any other name.
  • Technical translation - among other things, manuals, documentation, how-to guides, and text books.
  • Transcreation - Slogans, logos, mission-critical marketing materials, any ol' copywriting.
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