Slides: how translators can create quotations and proposals using PowerPoint

There are several tools and options for sending quotes and proposals. We think PowerPoint slides are the most effective way for translators to communicate their value.

In this article, we outline two tools/methods that we think compliment each other.

  • Using PowerPoint slides to create persuasive and professional quotes and invoices
  • Sending attachments of all kinds using DocSend to get analytics intelligence about how your files are received and read

Using Slides

The typical options are to use some one of the following programs to create invoices or quotes and then send them as a document attachment to an email.

  • Excel > PDF
  • Word > PDF
  • A specialized tool > PDF
  • PowerPoint > PDF

    Slides are awesome

If what you value most is connecting numbers straight to quotes/proposals/invoices, then you’re best option is going to be Excel > PDF or A specialized tool > PDF.

But if your goal is to persuade your customer into buying your services and/or being happy about their purchase, and you don’t mind going out of your way to promote style over substance, PowerPoint > PDF is highly recommended.

If a translation job comes through Zingword, then all the salesy stuff is done by Zing for you.

The power of slides for invoicing or quotes

Sales people have been using slides to make persuasive presentations for a long time, and at some point they also became “standalone documents” to peruse without the intention of anybody speaking. What people find is that it’s often the preferred way for communications, because it creates structure.

Translators can do all kinds of things with a slideshow, and best of all, those slides can be posted to Slideshare and then shared all over the internet.

Slides have the following advantages for translators:

  • More persuasive. Begin with your benefits and finish with the price/details
  • PowerPoint 2016 is just awesome
  • Paste tables straight from Excel for quick quoting/invoicing/proposing for translation jobs
  • Easy to share using document sales techniques (see below)

Tell a story

The slideshow in this article tells the same story as the article, basically. But it takes just 30 seconds to read!

Translators can do all kinds of things with a slideshow, and best of all, those slides can be posted to Slideshare and then shared all over the internet.

The slides CV

I personally haven’t sent a CV for more about 13 years, because jobs usually happen one after the other. However, I recently presented myself using slides, and it’s my opinion that a slides-based CV is infinitely superior to the traditional one.

If you’re in a country or industry that’s “buttoned all the way to the top,” maybe a slides-based CV isn’t right for you. But if you’re in an industry that values innovation and communication, you might try creating a CV in slides and see how far it gets you. The options for communication are so much bigger, and the opportunities to highlight testimonials on catchy slides are too much to ignore.

DocSend for translation sales

DocSend is just awesome. Instead of sending a file as an attachment, you upload it to DocSend and send a unique link. This works for Word docs and PDFs, but really shines when used with slide decks.

The result is:

  • You know when the customer opened the document
  • You know which pages they looked at, and for how long
  • You know how many times they look at the document

Those three things are worth a million words. For example:

  • If contacting a fresh prospect, did they look at your presentation?
  • Did the customer even open your quotation?
  • Did the customer exit immediately after viewing the pricing page? Or did they linger?
  • Did the customer open your invoice when you sent the invoice reminder?

That kind of information can turn into real actions. You’ll know better how to handle late payments or where you are going wrong in your sales presentations. If you’re doing sales to fresh prospects, you’ll know who to follow-up with. If somebody says, “we’ll keep you in mind” but didn’t even open your presentation, you know not to waste any more time there!